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Published on: December 14, 2014

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Dave Is Back

It’s December. 2014. And the last time I posted on this blog was January 2013. That’s a pretty big gap during which I was, I assure you, extremely busy but silent on here.

I’d like to change that and begin posting on this blog again, but with some changes. Yes, I will still talk about digital marketing. But I will also be talking about some other topics that interest me and adding categorization so you can easily pick which topic you are interested in.

The new topics will be:

  • Spirituality
  • Science
  • Politics

In no particular order.

Why come back now?

It has been a tumultuous two years in my personal life. I bought a new house and got a new job, one that I like very much and that I think I can do a lot with. But recently, I felt something was missing: a purpose.

Not everyone has a purpose, and probably not many really need one. But I think I do. And it’s not as easy a hole to fill as you may think.

On the surface, I thought my purpose was my job. And, for forty+ hours a week, it is. It would be possible, I guess, to fill in the rest of the week with work as well. But I don’t think that is in my best interest and probably not even in my employer’s best interest. I really believe the best employees are the well-rounded ones.

So what else is there? I’ve been filling my time in the past few months with an array of media experiences: watching movies and series on Netflix and Hulu, reading the blogs and articles, and posting occasionally on forums. These disjointed activities fill time, but not space. I needed something with substance to pursue, and this blog will be it.

Why introduce new topics?

I’ve followed, with great admiration and a little envy, the transformation Jill Whalen took when she started whatdidyoudowithjill.com. She took a bold move, but one that was exceptionally right for her. Pan back a little, and you’ll see that many prominent digital marketers are running similar blogs and programs external to the strictly marketing stuff they may be better known for. Danny Sullivan has a myriad of interesting and insightful posts on his personal site Daggle.com. Matt Cutts, since announcing his leave last July, has continued a stream of posts about the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Halloween costumes and writing challenges. Gini Dietrich’s fantastic blog Spinsucks.com has always provided more than just PR, with its “inquisitions” and ever popular “Gin and Topics” posts.

These blogs and many many others show that a blog about digital marketing does not need to be about just digital marketing. And, in fact, I believe that a personal blog should be more rounded and inclusive of things. It’s easy to get cloistered in a profession like digital marketing, but marketing without life is merely hawking wares in the void. In today’s connected world, we can’t be ignoring the human aspect of everyone for marketing techniques, data gathering and ROI.

Why these new topics?

Quite simply: because they interest me.

I’ve found spirituality to be a compelling subject for years. I don’t personally advocate any spiritual path for anyone, and I am completely understanding of those who wish to exclude “spirituality” from objective reality. But for me, the two are entwined. I’ve seen too much of how esoteric knowledge and ideals change people and whole cultures to believe we can simply “wake up” and do without it. So I try to look openly at what people believe and what is personal to them beyond what our five senses can verify.

Some would say science and spirituality are mutually exclusive. In some aspects, they are and must be. Science does not allow for theories that cannot be proved or tested. Spirituality does not allow for one’s personal beliefs to be dictated by another’s. But as our understanding of physics and biology increase, and we get closer and closer to a scientific theory of everything, I think we’re seeing the mystery of consciousness and belief being revealed. Could new technologies that link our thoughts with the actions of machines break down barriers between each other? Will the discovery and cataloging of new quantum particles reveal that parts of our everyday experience are actually illusions?

And politics. I’m going to be very careful about this one, as I feel we are in the midst of a bitter culture war and most of us are caught up in the emotional appeal of “us vs. them” such that we can’t see anything beyond our own convictions and can’t easily work together to achieve common goals. I don’t want to add to that furor, but I do want to comment on some of the things that don’t make sense, and maybe call out politicians and other public officials who are making mistakes which cost us all.

More to come

So, I’m going to try to post more often here, hoping that the broader scope will allow more topics that interest me to spark blog posts and articles. Please feel free to comment or contact me with ideas and suggestions!

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