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Picture of David W Fallon, a marketing campaign manager taken in 2011
David W Fallon

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin, Guerrilla Marketing for Home-Based Businesses

For a tree, resilience comes not just in deep roots but in spreading branches wide to catch the sunlight in every way. For a business, resilience requires not just successful marketing through one channel, but an ability to spread out through other channels, carefully testing and measuring results, and finding all the ways they can connect with their audience. This needs more than an expert in a single marketing channel, but a T-shaped marketer to lead cross-functional agile teams. Growth and resilient marketing comes only when you’ve spread your branches wide.

David Fallon came to marketing with a diverse background. In college, his first major was Environmental Science. He took an array of science classes including Biology & Life Sciences, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Geology and others. It was at the end of his freshman year that his career path changed, when he took an Intro to Ethics class and fell in love with philosophy. Unwilling to study pure philosophy without a real-world application, he settled on a Communications and Philosophy major. He excelled in his major, graduating magna cum laude in 2000.

Over the years, David has worked in a number of roles. He worked in phone customer service after college and quickly mastered the product knowledge such that he was tapped to supervise and train new hires. He worked as a business administrator at K*B Toys’ home office and worked extensively in the toy buying process: organizing vendor information, organizing samples, writing purchase orders, providing a front-line communication with sales reps, and helping to plan exposition visits.

In 2002, David joined L-com, Inc. in North Andover, MA, to provide customer service for engineer and technical buyer customers. David’s grasp of and unique ability to communicate with technical jargon to customers quickly led him to a promotion to custom product specialist and technical support rep, an extremely busy department he would rise to supervise a year later. As department leader, David trained and mentored other employees in communication techniques, hired several new employees, and drastically expanded the organization, speed, efficiency, and overall capabilities of the department, such that custom products came to represent over 25% of the total business revenue.

David realized that there is a gap between the highly technical and the non-technical professionals that needed to be filled. This role is more than just communication and more than pure technical accumen; it is itself a discipline where an individual dives into both the technical and non-technical needs of a business to find the best way the two can unite. In 2004, David volunteered to head up a program to integrate L-com’s CRM with the Amazon.com marketplace. The IT managers and marketing managers were not understanding each other’s needs and had grown frustrated with the enormity of the project. David found the nexus between the two, worked hard to understand the third-party data feed system, the marketing brand information that needed to be integrated, and the vast amount of products that needed to be advertised in the marketplace. Six months later, David successfully launched L-com’s entire product base on Amazon.com.

His leadership brought him to the attention of the company’s owner and president, who offered David an opportunity expanding L-com’s online marketing initiatives. In 2005, David became the company’s Internet Marketing Strategist.

Between 2005 and 2013, the digital marketing industry experienced some of its greatest shifts in our lifetime. Through this time, David worked across many marketing channels:

  • Created an email marketing newsletter campaign, running it through ESPs for eight years
  • Ran pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo
  • Coordinated with web designers to enhance the company’s website SEO and landing pages
  • Wrote press releases and posting them to PRWeb, organizing list of contacts in trade publications for earned media
  • Began a campaign to win business awards for L-com, winning awards for aspects like customer service, product innovation, and catalog and website designs
  • Wrote copy for emails and eventually co-wrote two influential articles for L-com in cabling technolgy magazines
  • Assisted with print, catalog and direct mail marketing, working with print vendors and mailing houses
  • Set up a monthly winback program that improved lifetime value for lost customers
  • Led numerous cross-team projects with engineers, graphic designers, creative agencies, product managers, web and application developers, and sales representatives

In 2013, David accepted a management position at Cartera Commerce on their email marketing team. Since then, he has expanded his skillset and experience with an array of new achievements:

  • Managed multiple busy email marketing programs, sending up to 15 emails each week
  • Aided HTML/CSS updates of email templates for responsive and fluid design
  • Mastered AMPscript code to add the personalization in emails
  • Design and eventually served as admin for the Quickbase campaign management app
  • Vetted and signed Workfront project management software to improve campaign management
  • Learned PHP enough to set up a FUEL app to port backend merchant data with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, improving email creation efficiency
  • Helped “break in” new Evergage web personalization software, creating dozens of campaigns across four websites
  • Managed over 40 million records of marketing data flow between the data warehouse and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Led many projects to improve, clean, or remove data
  • Built dozens of feed automations to ensure data freshness for marketing campaigns

Today, David is the Marketing Automation Operations Manager at Cartera Commerce, administrator for Workfront and Quickbase, manager of email marketing for clients such as Navy Federal Credit Union’s Member Mall, Speedway’s Speedy Rewards program, and USAA’s MemberShop program, and chiefly responsible for data management across all email projects.

Marketing Resilience
Marketing Automation Operations Manager

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