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There’s a lot of good stuff on the World Wide Web. But then, there’s a lot of crap, too. Many thing that I think are great are listed here. If I don’t like them or what I hear them saying, I will remove them from this list. If you know of a site or blog that I might like, email it to me or leave a comment on this page.

Regarding “nofollow”: Usually, if I put your link on this page it means I like that link and have no problem with Google knowing that. But occasionally, I might like something but not want to allow Google to consider my preference when it decides how to rank the link. In those cases, I will use rel=”nofollow” so you can still get to the site I recommend.


Spin Sucks Gini’s blog is punchy and never boring. I especially like her Gin and Topics, but all of her posts are amazing, along with regular guest bloggers from all over the marketing spectrum. Spin Sucks
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Big Brand System No doubt, if you want your brand to go BIG, you need a big brand system! And this blog gives you just that. Consistently excellent posts with particularly good design advice. Visit and subscribe! Big Brand System
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Copyblogger If your interests are in the art, craft, and skill of writing compelling copy, then you should be reading this blog. It is absolutely my favorite source of copy advice. Brian Clark and his crew dish up powerful, simple, elegant, and brain-busting tips each and every day. Copyblogger Blog
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Hubspot Inbound Internet Marketing Blog Not only was Hubspot the first to coin the phrase “Inbound Marketing” to refer to the emerging field of getting found through online mediums, they are also the best at explaining it. Let’s face it, the rules have changed, especially when it comes to lead management and demand management. If you want to know what the rules are, you should be reading this blog. Hubspot Inbound Internet Marketing
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Marketing Sherpa’s Sherpablog Even before they joined Meclabs, Marketing Sherpa was the source for research materials on both the traditional and, more importantly, the emerging forms of marketing. They published endless guide books including the latest data from across many fields. Now, with the strength of Marketing Experiments behind them, they are also the paramount marketing training organization with tons of webinars, seminars, and training sessions. Their blog is an extension of all that. Marketing Sherpa Blog
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Marketing Experiments Blog As the conversion and user experience side of Meclabs, Marketing Experiments conducts hundreds of experiments on web forms, websites, emails, and more. If you publish something and you want it to drive an action, you need to read this blog and follow their principals. Marketing Experiments Blog
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The Oatmeal Legendary marketer and web designer Matthew Inman is worth following on his own, but if you check nothing else, you should check his quirky illustrated website theoatmeal.com. Brilliant commentary on just about anything you can imagine.
Stock.XCHNG There are a lot of great places online to get stock photography for your blog or website. But I’ve always preferred the simple elegance of Stock Exchange. There’s tons of great stuff on there and, if you don’t find exactly what you need, their partnership with iStockphoto gives you links to other options online. Always check the license agreement before you use someone’s image, of course, but I’ve never had a problem with this site.
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