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The Google PoliceIs Google an Altruistic Company?

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Published on: June 1, 2012

Our savior Google ()

The Google Police

As I’ve mentioned in other places, I think the question of whether Google (the corporation, not its products) is an altruistic company or not is a good question. I’m not the first to ask it, and I won’t claim to be the one to address it best. In fact there’s an excellent post by Jeffrey Van Camp on Digital Trends that goes over the history and details of Google’s activities and what questions those activities bring up. I don’t want to go into that detail here, but I do have some questions:

Is it possible that Google is a protector of the Internet; the economy; the world’s humanity itself? Is the answer to that question different when you compare it to other American corporations, or other world-wide corporations? And does this even matter?


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