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Binary Code 2Harnessing Social Data

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Binary Data 2

With over 1.6m results in a Google search, “Harnessing Social Data” could hardly be more covered. So I’m not going to just say the same thing everyone is saying, namely that you can use social media to gather data that is useful for marketing purposes. Yes, you can. And yes, you should. But there’s more.

A trend in marketing, especially digital marketing, is a trend towards being “analytical”. There’s a lot of good reasons for that, but there are some drawbacks as well. What I’d like to talk about is using social listening to fuel actual, real-time dialog. After all, that’s what business being social is all about: the one-to-one conversation between a brand and a (potential) customer.


Where to Register a Domain

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Published on: June 26, 2012

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In 2005 when I transferred over to the marketing side of my company, one of my first assignments was to find a good domain registrar. My boss at the time (now famed inventor Al Contarino) had gone a little domain registration crazy. He wasn’t alone. In the dawning age of AdSense, affiliates, and arbitrage sites, and before the world economy declined, staking your Internet claim was all the rage. A good domain name was considered key to rankings and traffic, and grabbing a key term could net you a huge sellout if the giant companies of the age needed it. Pizza.com was soon to become the most expensive domain auction, and no one wanted to be left out.

So, new to the idea of how the ICANN DNS system worked, I went about researching the best domain registrar for his needs. He had already used many major brands out there, like Register.com, Network Solutions, and, of course, Go Daddy. I went on forums and Webmaster World and browsed all sorts of recommendations. In the end, what did I choose?


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