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Google’s Search for Good Taste

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Published on: July 30, 2012

Google’s Relentless Quest ()

Retro Robot

You may think that the goals of modern search engines are an entirely new thing in human history. You would be wrong. Yes, the technology has never appeared before, and yes, the stakes are completely different than they’ve ever been. But Google’s relentless quest is one that humanity has been concerned with for millennium, maybe longer. It is the quest for that mysterious and changeable quality I’ll call good taste.

That, I’m sure, is not what you expected me to say. Surely, as a business their concern is money, as a brand it is reputation, and as software it is a kind of transparent functionality that is both smart and resilient. Of course, all that is true. But all of that is dependent on whether Google can tap into a sense of taste and hold onto it. No easy task.


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