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Question everythingLinkedIn Axes Answers

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Published on: January 24, 2013

Question Everything

LinkedIn Answers Going Away

I was disappointed to get an email the other day from LinkedIn saying that they are closing down their Answers section. I can’t say I was a great expert on it, but I did enjoy writing the occasional answer and I thought the questions asked there were better phrased, more professional, and easier to answer than elsewhere. Now, LinkedIn is certainly able to make this decision, and maybe they are right to do so, but I will still miss it.

And on that point, I’d like to talk about some of the question and answer sites out there and how they can help you establish yourself, your personal brand, and your professional brand. There are people with questions out there; answer them! (more…)

Yin YangThe Yin and Yang of Privacy and Transparency

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Published on: December 28, 2012

Transparency and Privacy: the Yin Yang of Our Age ()

Yin Yang

“May you live in interesting times.” – Ancient Chinese curse

There has never been a time in history where so many people have had so much access to so much information as right now. Entire encyclopedias, vastly more expansive than twenty printed volumes, are now easily and freely available on the Internet, and through wikis they are constantly being updated and refreshed. Gigantic databases catalog every actor, director, writer, and more involved in every piece of film made or even in the works, and again can be freely accessed by us all. And an endless army of bloggers fill the Internet with their observations, opinions, beliefs, yearnings, and experiences.

It all sounds great, but there is a problem. More information about everything means more information about you and me. And that is making more than a few people uncomfortable. In this post, I, a humble member of the army of bloggers, want to take a look at the modern yin yang of transparency and privacy.


Binary Code 2Harnessing Social Data

Listening: The Social Way ()

Binary Data 2

With over 1.6m results in a Google search, “Harnessing Social Data” could hardly be more covered. So I’m not going to just say the same thing everyone is saying, namely that you can use social media to gather data that is useful for marketing purposes. Yes, you can. And yes, you should. But there’s more.

A trend in marketing, especially digital marketing, is a trend towards being “analytical”. There’s a lot of good reasons for that, but there are some drawbacks as well. What I’d like to talk about is using social listening to fuel actual, real-time dialog. After all, that’s what business being social is all about: the one-to-one conversation between a brand and a (potential) customer.


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